Weymouth crafts

21 Sep

As a little reward for my hard work doing DIY, I went with my folks and one of my nieces to Weymouth for the day. We had terrible luck with the train (a 2-hour delay on a 2-hour journey!) but great luck with the weather, which was gorgeous!

I took my camera just in case, but I didn’t think there would be anything craft-related on the beach – how wrong I was…

Right next to where we were sitting was this sand sculpture (by the time we got there, it had been a bit trampled on, which was a shame):

Weymouth sand sculpture

Weymouth sand sculpture

We made our own sandcastles, but they were nowhere near as good as this. My niece likes to finish each sandcastle with a shell and while we were looking for shells, my mum found these two amazingly tiny but beautifully formed shells:

Weymouth tiny shells

Weymouth tiny shells

Yes, that’s my hand and yes they were that tiny! (Well, it is called the ‘Jurassic Coast’.) I’ve brought them home as mementos and might use them in some craft project some time.

We also did plenty of paddling, while collecting shells, and spent a lot of time looking down to find pretty shells and make sure we didn’t step on anything too pointy in our bare feet. I love how this little paddling snap came out:

Weymouth paddling

Weymouth paddling

Then my niece decided to get creative, too, and write her name, Jenny, in the sand (she’s only 4 so it’s pretty impressive):

Weymouth words in the sand

Weymouth words in the sand

After playing around at the water’s edge for a bit, I looked up and noticed a sign, which (as a crafter) made me excited, puzzled and then amused (all in a split second). After taking the shot, it reminded me of some of the interesting, thought-provoking photos I’ve seen on a photo-a-day blog that I follow – So I’d like to dedicate this picture to Juliebie, as an homage to what you do every day – hope you like!

Weymouth craft

Weymouth craft

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