Shorts revamp

25 Sep

There’s nothing like crafting things for the upcoming season – and this project is nothing like crafting for the upcoming season (sorry!)

My mum lives in shorts during the summer and for her, the summer lasts from about early March to late October – even if she has to shiver through it. So she gets through quite a lot of pairs of shorts.

Earlier in the year, she came to me with a pair of shorts (apparently her favourite pair) and asked me if I could fix some of the rips and holes in them. I took one look at them and told her to buy a new pair! But she insisted so I said I’d see what I could do. Meanwhile, she did buy a new pair and I put off tackling her holey old pair, hoping she might forget.

Just when I thought she’d forgotten about them (and when she’s on holiday so she won’t see what I’m doing and spoil the surprise), I’ve done this to them:

Revamped shorts

I chose a light, outdoorsy fabric to suit her personality and because I knew she wouldn’t like anything too bold or bright. I cut some wide pieces of the fabric and used it as binding to cover the areas of rips and holes – most of them were at the leg holes and the elasticated waist back, although I was quite prepared to add a couple of little ‘patches’ of fabric over any extra holes (in the end, I didn’t need to though).

Doing this around the leg holes was relatively easy, although keeping my stitching straight was quite difficult because my presser foot constantly wants to move the fabric to the left, so stitching on the machine always feels like a fight!

Revamped shorts leg opening

Revamped shorts leg opening

Adding new fabric over the waistband at the back was a lot more tricky though. Trying to pull the elastic taut and cope with my naughty presser foot made it almost impossible. I started stitching and unpicked three times. Then I tried adding basting stitches first, which helped a bit – I managed to do one half in this way, working outwards from the centre back. It was still a bit of a mess though. For the other half, I gave up with the machine and just handstitched it. The result is below and looks much better than the first half, which no one will be seeing!

Revamped shorts waistband

Revamped shorts waistband

My mum’s back from holiday tomorrow so I’m hoping she’ll like what I’ve done to her favourite shorts…

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