Bedroom crafting

12 Sep

I’ll admit, it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve not been sat doing nothing. Far from it.
I’ve been very busy, with my other half, redecorating our bedroom. For the past month, we’ve had very little time to do anything else but DIY and go to work.

So I’ve been pondering the question, does DIY count as crafting?

One of our main jobs was filling holes and surprisingly to me, I’ve discovered a hidden talent for doing this!
I also found that I’m pretty good at painting the fiddly edges – endless patience, a steady hand and good eyesight seemed to be the key (all important attributes for crafting as well).

Bedroom_skirtingSo here’s a shot of my three favourite features of the room – the walls painted with ‘Mango Melody 4’ (it only took 4 tester pots before we found the perfect orangey-pinky shade); the matt white skirting boards (something we’ve not had in the bedroom since we moved in 10 years ago!); and the deep, luxurious, mushroom-coloured carpet on a floor that no longer creaks (because we screwed down all the floorboards to within an inch of their lives!).

We also ‘crafted’ a whole new wardrobe, full of shelves, drawers and rails, as well as sliding doors featuring mirrors and oak-effect panels…

Bedroom_wardrobePutting together flat-pack Ikea furniture doesn’t seem like a creative craft, but it did involve following instructions (like a pattern), using tools (screwdrivers instead of knitting needles), and planning where to place individual characteristics (shelves rather than stitches) to achieve a pleasing end result.

So DIY does seem to share some similarities to crafting, but I know which one I enjoy more, even though I am sleeping better now…

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