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Teddy bear

Given the royal baby news that’s been everywhere this week, I thought it was time to share some teddy bear news with you.

You might remember my previous post about Hug Me Bear, my beloved childhood teddy. Here he is:

Hug Me

Hug Me

Well, I’ve been working on sewing my own version. It’s been quite difficult, given that original Hug Me was obviously made from printed fabric, so all his features are detailed and quite life-like.

So I decided that my new teddy bear would be more of an homage to Hug Me rather than a replica – a cute bear that would be soft and hug-able for a little one. Here he is:

Teddy bear © Becky Skuse

Teddy bear © Becky Skuse

For various reasons, he’s turned out a little wonky in places! (But I’m hoping that just adds character?)

For his body, I used a lovely, soft fleecey fabric in chocolate brown (it was actually the last bits remaining after I made this pet bed for my cat).

For the appliqué patches, I used some small fabric scraps left over from cutting up an old pashmina for another project. Note to self for next time though: this fabric was gorgeously soft for small children, but totally wrong for appliqué! It started fraying away the instant I finished zig-zagging around the edges. I had to do some pretty delicate and emotional emergency surgery to rescue his eyes and mouth. (I think this is when the wonkiness occurred.)

I chose a cheerful yellow fabric for his little T-shirt, rather than trying to sew the words ‘Hug Me’ onto his chest. (The trauma of the appliqué patches had made me a nervous wreck by then!)

I backstitched his features with a chocolate brown thread to match the fleece fabric, and I really like his happy smile. His face didn’t quite feel complete at that point though, so I looked back at original Hug Me and, inspired by the heart on his chest, I decided to give my bear a heart for a nose. That’s actually become my favourite part!

Now that he’s finished, I’m in a bit of a pickle about who to give him to. My nieces are very young, at 2 and almost 4 years old, and I’m afraid they might be a bit too rough with him – his mended appliqué patches are still very delicate and might not survive much of their play. So I think he needs to go to an older child, while I make another one with some sturdier fabric!


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