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Granny square day

Apparently there was granny square day last week! How could I not know about it?? My family are always joking that I’m late to everything so it seems sort of fitting to be late to this party!

I love making granny squares and a while ago made this rainbow blanket:

I’ve shared the pattern for it in my Ravelry shop at or in my Etsy shop at

If you’ve never made a granny square before then you can follow my free guide to make this square here:

Granny square light pink © Becky Skuse

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Um.. Hello?

Hello…? Is there anyone there? It’s been almost two years since my last blog post so maybe you’ve all moved on…

A lot has happened in two years. For me anyway. My Dad died… unexpectedly. And with dreadful timing. That has changed everything. Like an emotional bombshell. The person I was then has gone. It’s taken a long time to accept and rebuild the new me. There’s been sadness, anger, frustration, panic, self-doubt and despair. But throughout, I’ve clung onto tiny moments of joy that have kept me going.

One of the most important joys for me has been making things. I don’t think I’ve created my best designs in that time (!) but each make has given me a point on the horizon to aim for when I felt adrift in life.

So slowly but surely (and with the help of a wonderful therapist), I’ve made my way back to the shore of optimism. With both feet firmly back on dry land, I finally feel ready to get on with life again. And much to my own surprise, I want to blog again. Hopefully someone will be listening!

I have a lot of makes to share from the last two years, so I need to be patient and not post them all at once!

For now, I’ll leave you with this treasured picture I have, which was (lightly) coloured in by me and my Dad when he was in the hospital. It’s so full of joy…


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Stopped clocks 

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. I was busy with wedding preparations, and then my dad got sick. He’d been managing a lung condition for 2 years, but picked up a really nasty infection that turned into pneumonia. He died at the age of 62, 3 days before our wedding, which we cancelled. Since then, a lot of things have stopped including blog posts but I hope to return in time.

Until then, I’m enjoying this old blog post of mine about my super Dad:

My Superman dad

My Superman dad

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Crochet tension

One of the biggest problems that new knitters and crocheters encounter is in understanding tension. It’s taken me a while (and some very patient crafty friends) to get to grips with it.

But now that I do understand, it’s great fun to play around with the tension of a pattern, by changing the yarn (from DK to chunky, for example) or the hook/needle size.

So I was happy to help when Simply Crochet magazine asked me to put together a feature on tension and come up with a pattern for people to practise on, to help them understand tension too.

Here’s the cute flower brooch I made as the pattern:

Crochet layered flower

Crochet layered flower

The brooch uses the same yarn (in different colours) and the same pattern, but each layer uses a different hook size so each flower is a slightly different size. Put them together and you get a multi-dimensional brooch that’s pretty and clever. Bonus!

The feature and the pattern are in issue 23 of Simply Crochet, which is out now – see more at

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Tough Cookie

Are you sitting down? The aww-factor of my latest make is off the scale:

Cookie bear sitting

Cookie bear sitting

This little guy is the brain child of Mei Li Lee of and he comes from her pattern for Yako-chan.

This is actually my first amigurumi make (amigurumi is Japanese for crocheted toy). I love Mei’s designs and this chap was just irresistible – I’ve named him Cookie.

Cookie bear side

Cookie bear side

His construction is really clever because both his arms and legs are pose-able. This means that Cookie can wave:

Cookie bear waving

Cookie bear waving

And he can also stand up:

Cookie bear standing

Cookie bear standing

As with all toys though, it’s his face that really brings him to life – I used brads for his eyes and cheeks, and little embroidery stitches for his nose and mouth. In fact, it took me about 20 goes before I got the embroidery just right! (It was worth it.)

Cookie bear mouth 1

Cookie bear mouth

Among the handful of people who have met Cookie so far though, it’s the ears that have been most commented on! They are very cute…

Cookie bear ear 1

Cookie bear ear

Given his cuteness and pose-ability, I’m wondering whether there might be some stop-motion adventures in store for him in the future… if he stays still long enough!

Cookie bear back

Come back, Cookie bear!

Anyway, if you’d like to make your own adorable little bear like Cookie, the pattern for him was featured in issue 8 of Simply Crochet, but it’s also includes in a new bookazine that’s on sale now – it’s called Hand Made Toys and you can find out more about it here.


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…99, 100!

The day has finally come. I’ve reached 100! No, not years, but colourful squares.

Almost a year ago, I set myself the challenge of making 100 colourful granny squares for a crochet blanket (see my first post about it, here).

The first square I made was red, and then quickly came orange…

One, two...

One, two…

Many more months later and after 96 squares, I reached the 99th square this evening – which turned out to be a yellow one, for some reason. So I couldn’t rest my hooking hand until I’d made the 100th, a turquoise square.

...miss a few, 99, 100!

…miss a few, 99, 100!

Whenever we played hide and seek as children, we would always count: “One, two, miss a few, 99, 100!” And that’s how I felt tonight, looking back at how many squares I’ve made.

So, now all I need to do is join the last 30 squares to the rest of the blanket, and then do the border. I might just get there before the year is up! (Have a look at the finished blanket here)


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Wedding fever

This summer seems to be very popular for weddings – I have 2 cousins getting hitched, plus 3 girls at work. So wedding fever is as hot as this weather!

Given all the freelancing work I’ve done for Wedding Ideas previously, I do have a soft spot for weddings.

In August, my very special cousin, Adam, who grew up in New Zealand, is marrying a lovely Polish lady called Mirella, and they live together in London. So their wedding will have a truly international feel, with a variety of national traditions.

To help bring a touch of English tradition to their nuptials, I’ve sewn a special gift for Mirella – this bridal garter:

Bridal garter

Bridal garter

It’s the perfect item for fulfilling the old tradition of: ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.’

I bought the vintage blue lace in Beaten Green, a gorgeous vintage store in St Ives. So that’s her something old: check! And her something blue: check!

The elastic inside and the white fabric are both brand new: check!

Finally, I added a little poppered pouch on the inside of the garter, which is the perfect size for a ring or other little keepsake that she can borrow from someone special for the big day. Something borrowed: check!

I’m planning to give it to Mirella this weekend at her hen party, so I really hope she likes it. And I hope you like it, too.

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