About me

Make Me Do is the blogging home of Becky Skuse – writer, crafter and obsessive organiser. My aim with this blog is to share some of my crafting successes and hopefully have some fun!

I’ve often heard crafters say that they saw a project that just ‘screamed out’ to be made. Well, for me, projects tend to sing rather than scream. And it’s often to the tune of The Beatles’ song Love Me Do. I hear the projects singing: “Make, make me do; You know I love you; So please; Make me dooo.”

I’ve heard it said that great music is like a friend that travels with us on the journey through life. Well, for crafters like me, our makes are the friends who travel with us. They can record specific events in our lives or remind us of struggles that we overcame.

So join me on my crafting journey and let’s make friends.

Becky Skuse

The content on this blog is the intellectual property of Rebecca Skuse, unless otherwise stated. Please do not claim my content as your own. If you wish to share my content, you may link to the posts but please do not reprint on your site. You may not sell or distribute the content, or sell items made from the content.


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