Welsh Dragon

04 Dec

Today is my lovely sister-in-law Catherine’s birthday. She’s been part of our family for 15 years now and I couldn’t have wished for a nicer sister-in-law. Plus, she’s a brilliant mum to my gorgeous nieces – and a key reason why they’re so gorgeous and not little minxes!

I’ve crafted a few things for her over the years (a hat, a belt, some other bits and bobs), but she’s never specifically asked me to make anything for her… until this year.

I’m not sure whether it’s because she’s turned 40 today or whether the recent Rugby world cup stirred up her Welsh pride, but she asked me to make her a Welsh dragon. Actually, she saw a crochet pattern of a Welsh dragon and asked me if I could make ‘anything like that’. “Of course I can,” I replied boldly – that was before I looked closely at the pattern and realised it was a whopping 30cm in size!

Surely she wouldn’t want a dragon that big, I thought, even if it is a Welsh dragon! So I set about making a much smaller, cuter amigurumi-style dragon instead – one that’s a little more cheerful and child-friendly, rather than being too life-like and scary. And here he is, happy to say hello…

Little dragon

Little dragon

The pattern I used is a classic in crochet circles – it’s Stephanie Lau’s adorable little dragon pattern (see Although I have made a few adjustments and additions along the way…

Obviously, I used red yarn instead of green for added Welsh-ness, but this had the unintended effect of making him look somewhat like a devil rather than a dragon! So I added extra ‘cute’ by making his horns out of a sparkly black yarn and giving him a smiley face.

I also added extra wings on his back, just to make him a bit more like a dragon, although they are quite delicate – they’re cut out of felt, with long stitches of yarn to form the veins.

Dragon wings

Dragon wings

They were so delicate at first that I decided to stiffen them with spray starch, which has helped, but I am worried about whether they will survive any rough handling by my nieces… oh well, once you’ve made something and given it away, you have to let go!

Mind you, I haven’t actually let him go yet – those fragile wings meant that I decided not to send him in the post, but to deliver him to Catherine in person tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have to warn her (and my nieces) that he’s not a toy for children – no, he’s umm a hot, dangerous (!) dragon that only grown-ups can handle… it might work for 5 minutes!

Anyway, happy birthday Catherine, we love you lots 🙂


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2 responses to “Welsh Dragon

  1. Erin and Sky

    December 4, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    Too cute!


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