Experiments in scale

31 Oct

One of the fun aspects of yarn crafts like knitting and crochet is that you can easily play around with the size of a motif or pattern. Just by using a different weight of yarn and a different hook or needle size, you can create the same motif or pattern on a totally different scale.

It’s harder to do this with fabric, although I have seen adult garments scaled down to fit children and also patchwork designs made in mini and maxi sizes for interesting effects.

Anyway, I had fun experimenting with scale recently, using the filet crochet pattern on this table runner that I made in the summer for Simply Crochet magazine:

Table runner

Table runner

I used a chunky yarn (DMC Natura Just Cotton XL) and a 6.5mm (K/10.5) hook to make a runner that measured a whopping 29cm wide and 84cm long. It doesn’t look all that big from the picture above, so just to prove to you how big it is, here’s the uncropped image:

Table runner original

Table runner original

Yes, those are the legs of my tripod – I had to put the runner on the floor (you can just see some of the red carpet in the bottom corners) and hover slightly precariously over it as far away as possible to be able to fit it into one shot!

It’s quite unusual to go so super-sized with filet crochet, but I liked the idea of making filet crochet a bit more modern – it’s traditionally made with fine yarns and little hooks.

BUT the beauty of filet patterns is that they work at any scale! So I decided to try going traditional and work the same pattern using a 4ply yarn (DMC Petra No 3) and a 2.5mm (B/1) hook…

4ply Coaster

4ply Coaster

After one pattern repeat, it was a good size for a coaster so I stopped there. If I make some more, they’ll go well with the table runner and at this time of year, I’ve got one eye on potential Christmas presents!

Anyway, in comparison to the chunky table runner (29cm wide, remember), this one measures just 11cm wide (and 13cm long). If you don’t believe me, here’s a 2-pence piece in the shot to prove its size:

Coaster with 2p

Coaster with 2p

I’m really pleased with the successful results of this little experiment and now I’m wondering what other patterns and motifs I could make in a different size to the original. I’m particularly intrigued by the idea of super-sizing…

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