Hairpin hairband

12 Sep

I’ve become somewhat addicted to hairpin crochet recently. Partly because it’s so easy that I can switch off the old brain box and just let my hands do the work. Partly because it creates a really pretty strip. And partly because I was asked to put together a few features and patterns on hairpin crochet for Simply Crochet magazine…

You might remember that I posted a step-by-step guide to hairpin crochet, here, which looked a bit like this…

Hairpin Step 11

Hairpin Crochet step-by-step guide

The technique is so quick and easy, I like how you can get results really fast. So it didn’t take me long to make this little hairband…

Hairpin hairband

Hairpin hairband

You might be able to see in this photo that I used a sparkly Wendy yarn (Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton Sparkle DK), but you could use any yarn you’ve got handy – you’ll only need around 10g so it’s perfect for using up a spare length of some special yarn.

I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed, but the world of yarn seems to be full of sparkle at the moment. I love a bit of bling so I’m not complaining!

Hairpin hairband on me

Hairpin hairband on me

I hate tight hairbands, so I made this one fairly loose and it’s very comfy. Although, it was only when it came to shooting it on me that I remembered how hairbands really don’t suit me! It took a real pro (my other half) to capture this photo where I look almost half-decent in it.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the pattern, it’s in issue 35 of Simply Crochet magazine and the free pattern will be coming soon!

I’ve also been making some other hairpin projects, so look out for them…

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