Beside the seaside

05 Sep

I’ve been dreaming of being at the seaside recently, making crochet pinwheels and trying to draw different shell shapes. But it’s culminated in sewing this pretty seaside wreath:

Seaside wreath

Seaside wreath

I just used a sewing pattern given to me by a friend some time ago (I’m not even sure where it came from, sorry!) and used two dainty white and blue prints, for a summery feel.

Seaside lifesaver

Seaside lifesaver

I’ve called it my lifesaver because when I made it, I was really struggling to get through the summer. That might sound a bit odd to most people but being a freelancer, I tend to be really busy with work over the summer covering everyone else’s holidays! Making this reminded me of happy days by the seaside and helped me to be patient, waiting for my turn to have a holiday.

I fussy cut the blue segments and tried to make it so that each one would have a different animal motif from the print: a dog, a cat, a butterfly and a chicken. I think this works better on one side than the other and as luck would have it, I’ve taken these photos from the less good side!

The pattern is just segments sewn into a tube, which you stuff and sew the ends together. It was pretty simple and took me one rainy Sunday afternoon while listening to Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the 70s show of BBC Radio 2 – I find the retro grooves are great for keeping me motivated!

What music do you like to listen to when you’re making? And have you ever made a ‘lifesaver’ to get you through hard times?

Woof woof!

Woof woof!

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