Crochet pinwheels

26 Aug

I love the seaside. I’d happily go every weekend. Or just live by the sea.

So I’m a sucker for anything seaside-themed: blue and white stripes, twine, sand, and most recently, pinwheels. Crocheted pinwheels, to be exact, which I’ve crocheted in four different sizes:

Crochet pinwheels closer

Crochet pinwheels

I love the unique light by the sea. It’s so pure and clean, making colours look brighter and more saturated. I think that’s part of the joy of the seaside: everything looks like it’s been turned up to 11.

In an effort to try to reflect a little bit of this effect, I wanted to use some DK yarns that looked like in-between colours: bluey green, orangey brown, purpley pink and sandy grey.

Each pinwheel is made up of four ‘petals’, which are really easy to crochet and join together. But the most fun part was finishing each pinwheel with a gorgeous button. You’ll know how much I love buttons, if you’ve read this post or this post so I spent a lot of time choosing just the right button to suit the yarn. Buttons are the best.

Then I attached each pinwheel to a barbecue skewer so they’d stand up in sand or grass, or just arranged in a vase. The pack of skewers I bought includes 100, so there’s plenty of scope to make more…

In July, we took them with us to the seaside to take these photos, specifically Sidmouth, after a trip to The Donkey Sanctuary. Part of me wanted to leave them in the sand, for random strangers to take home. But then I realised how nice it would be to have a touch of the seaside at home with me all the time.

Crochet pinwheels

Crochet pinwheels at the seaside

If you’d like to make these pinwheels, the pattern is in the latest issue of Simply Crochet magazine, on sale now.


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3 responses to “Crochet pinwheels

  1. tilleyb

    August 26, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    I’ve never seen crochet pin wheels before, they look so cute. Love the button detail.

  2. nanacathy2

    August 26, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    I absolutely love them!


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