Peace cranes

22 Aug

Apologies for the lack of posting lately, I’ve been too busy making to tell you about what I’ve been making! So let’s start catching up.

Earlier in August, the world remembered the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 years ago, an unimaginable act of destruction that brought about much-needed peace.

While the news was full of debate about the use of nuclear weapons and the state of the world in 1945, all I could think about was how terrifying it would have been for the Japanese civilians living in those cities.

I’m not passing judgement on history: my personal morals tell me that using nuclear weapons is wrong, but I also recognise that the bombings stopped the war, prevented the loss of more lives and brought about peace. An atom is so small, it’s hard to grasp how it could cause such extremes of negatives and positives.

So, given that we’re lucky enough to benefit from the peace brought about by these terrible events, I think the least we can do is take a little time to remember those people who suffered all the negatives so that we could enjoy all the positives.

As my small act of commemoration, I took some origami papers to work and three of us made cranes together as a symbol of peace.

Origami peace cranes

Origami peace cranes

With each fold, I contemplated peace, life and death: how life can change in a moment; what I’d want my loved ones to know if I never saw them again; what exactly is a meaningful death; what can ordinary people do to help bring about peace. I don’t have any answers to share with you, but I like that these simple little paper cranes helped me with some deep thought.

Origami peace cranes trio

Origami peace cranes trio

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