22 Jul

I feel like I’ve had nothing finished to show you for ages. The reason for that is that I seem to have a lot of UFOs at the moment – in craft speak, that’s UnFinished Objects.

I like to have small projects to do on the bus so I set out to make some little crochet shells. I got as far as making one swirly shell and started on a second fan-shaped shell…

Crochet shells

Crochet shells

Then I heard the devastating news about the death one of my favourite crochet bloggers, Wink (see more here). So I started crocheting a mandala in different shades of orange, as part of the Mandalas for Marinke project by

Orange mandala

Orange mandala

But I decided to take a break from this project though, for my own mental wellbeing. It was making me too sad. Instead, I turned to a strategy that I always find works to lift my spirits: learning something new.

I decided to learn how to work Solomon’s Knot in crochet. It was surprisingly simple, using just chains and double crochet, plus a few extra techniques that are really easy. I used a 4ply yarn and a 2mm hook, which is much smaller than I usually use…

Solomon's knot

Solomon’s knot

Solomon’s Knot creates a beautiful, lacy effect and I think the knots look a little like flowers…

Solomon's knot close-up

Solomon’s knot close-up

Every now and then, I’m returning to this strip to add to it – maybe one day it’ll be a shawl or scarf.

In the meantime, I’ve had to focus my attention on a hairpin crochet project for Simply Crochet magazine, which involves making lots of small strips like this:

Hairpin crochet

Hairpin crochet

So I’m sorry I have nothing finished to show you. I have been busy making, just not busy finishing!

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