Little Green Plate

15 Jul

I’m really excited to tell you that I’ve started another blog! It’s called Little Green Plate and it’s a space dedicated to sharing my passion for plant-based food and a gentler, vegan way of life.

If you saw my previous post, Lime Tart, you’ll know that I’m vegan. I’ve been vegetarian since the age of 13 and vegan since I was 27 (about 9 years). I don’t have an allergy or digestive condition. I’ve chosen a plant-based diet because I believe in it as a gentle way of life, reducing harm to our own bodies and to other living creatures, as well as the planet we share with them.

My gentle attitude towards life means that I’m something of an apologetic vegan. I never want to cause a fuss or be a bother to anyone – my choices should only inconvenience me (although it’s always a lovely surprise when my loved ones go to the effort of making food that’s safe for me to eat). I’ve also felt shy and self-conscious talking about being vegan to other people – I took all the derisory comments or confused looks to heart and felt embarrassed.

So I’ve been storing up all my plant-based passion, knowledge, ideas, recipes, experiments and beliefs. They only dared to venture out when I was safely in my own home. And very occasionally here (you have no idea how long I wrestled with that decision!).

Anyway, a few things have happened recently to change that. First, I’ve discovered that more and more restaurants and eateries are offering vegan options. I’ve even dared to try some, and they’ve been alright… some have been great! Being vegan has no longer felt like having the plague; it’s becoming more accepted! Second, healthy diets have never been more popular and I’ve enjoyed many of the blogs and books dedicated to them. But none of them have quite matched my gentle philosophy. Finally, I’ve been asked to do some work for a new magazine called ‘Eating & Living Free From’, which has been a lot of fun and shown me just how much I know.

I’m really excited to have a dedicated space for some plant-based fun and simple ideas for vegan food, as I journal about some of my creations, share my experiences (and mistakes!) and hopefully help in your journey towards a gentler way of life, if that’s what you choose. I can’t wait to start posting some of my recipes and meal ideas, celebrating the variety and abundance of delicious plant-based foods. I’ll still be continuing with Make Me Do, but I really hope you’ll join me in my new journey as well, over at

Just grab your favourite plate and get ready to fill it with some plant-based yumminess…

Little Green Plate screengrab

Little Green Plate screengrab

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