New iPhone 6 cosy 

21 Jun

At the risk of opening myself up to being mugged, I have a lovely new iPhone 6! Given how much it set me back, I take its safety very seriously so I got an Air Jacket thing and screen protector for it. But that wasn’t quite enough. So I made this: 
Yes, it’s a crocheted cosy! (Well, why not?) It was very quick to make and the drawstring top makes sure the little guy stays safely protected inside.

To start with, it was just plain but I soon realised that it needed a motif so I added this pretty green flower. It wasn’t just to make the cosy prettier but also so that I knew which way round it was in the cosy! (In case you’re thinking of mugging me, for the iPhone or the cosy, I’ve been keeping the phone’s front next to the motif. You’re welcome.)

So to come full circle, I decided to use my lovely new phone to write this post and take the photo above. I think new iPhone 6 did a pretty good job…

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Posted by on June 21, 2015 in Crochet


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