Rainbow scarf

25 Mar

I seem to have made quite a few scarves and cowls recently, but I think this one is my favourite – I haven’t been able to stop wearing it since I finished it (and I may even have worn it for a while before it was fully finished!):

Rainbow scarf

Rainbow scarf

You may recognise those colours from my granny square blanket here. When I was finished with the blanket, I had about 10g of each yarn left and I wanted to make something wearable so that I could carry a little piece of the blanket magic out and about with me.

I wanted to have a ridge in between each colour stripe, so I made each stripe separately using the treble (US dc) foundation row technique, and then joined them together using a double crochet seam and cream yarn. To finish, I added a cream border and buttons to hold the wrap shape in place. The great thing about the buttons I chose was that they fit in between the treble stitches so I can use any gap as a buttonhole!

Rainbow scarf detail

Rainbow scarf detail

It’s nice and cosy without being too hot, and I’ve had lots of nice compliments about it since I started wearing it, which is always flattering. Hope you like it, too!


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