Open or closed

03 Jan

When you’re at home, do you like your doors to be open or closed? It sounds so trivial, but I’ve thought about it quite a few times recently. Having lived with a cat for 10 years, we got used to having the interior doors open a few inches – ie, a cat’s width! And that’s what we still do.

Except for the other half’s office door, which naturally swings open. He said he’d like a doorstop to keep the door open the usual cat’s width, so more warmth stays in the room but he can still hear the doorbell. As luck would have it, I recently made a doorstop for Simply Crochet magazine, to demonstrate a couple of different seaming techniques. Here it is in action holding open said office door…

Crochet doorstop

Crochet doorstop

I tried to keep it simple and modern, using two tones of masculine grey (his favourite colour!) and a bright pink yarn for the visible seams, to add a touch of femininity. We both like it.

Our cat’s-width open-door policy was something I hadn’t even given a second thought to until recently when my dad visited – he came into the front room and shut the door. Me and the other half instantly looked at each other and smiled at our simultaneous discomfort. Dad noticed and said: “Oh sorry, was that wrong? Shall I open it?” We left the door closed, but it’s sparked a lot of thought in my brain.

Closing the door was not universally wrong, it was just different to what we normally do. That small, sudden impulse of discomfort we felt was a bit like when you wake up from a deep sleep – you’re thrust into sudden consciousness. And it got me thinking… there must be hundreds of things we do automatically, because that’s what we normally do, whether it’s around the house or in our everyday lives. What’s ‘normal’ to one person might feel totally alien to another person.

Most of us don’t have time to give all these little things a second thought. But maybe we should? Especially with the new year arriving, perhaps it’s time to think a bit more consciously about the way we live our lives.

So I’ve been wondering: where do our ‘normal’ behaviours come from? How do we create them and how long does it take to make them stick? How would it feel to change some of these little things? Would it cause a ripple-effect of change or make no noticeable difference?

I don’t have any answers, but I like the idea that the simple action of closing a door has opened up a door in my thoughts. Thanks dad 🙂

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