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23 Nov

Sorry for the delay in posts, we had a week’s holiday in Cornwall – beforehand we were busy packing and working, then afterwards we were busy unpacking and working. So the blog got neglected, but I have still been crafting!

We went on holiday to St Ives in Cornwall, which was typically chilly and rainy for November, but it was still beautiful and relaxing. On the most rainy day, we went to the Tate in St Ives. Their exhibitions are always interesting and usually include some pieces by Barbara Hepworth, a talented sculptor and artist who lived and created in St Ives and was made a Dame for it.

This time, there were some wonderful sculptures by Hepworth on display, using string in really interesting ways. Understandably, you’re not allowed to take photos of the art, so go here or here to see the kind of thing I mean – these aren’t the exact ones that we saw, but they’re very similar.

I love how she uses the string to imply a connectivity and tension between two objects, like the invisible strings of our own lives pull us towards the people, places and activities that we love.

People sometimes refer to yarn as ‘string’ and I kind of like the idea that modern knitters are continuing to be creative with string, like Hepworth was.

Her sculptures also reminded me of the geometric Spirograph pen drawings (like these) I used to make as a child – they were so much fun, I’d spend hours doing them!

I was also reminded of a string art picture that I made when I was around 10 or 11 – it was a kit that included a thick piece of chipboard, some black felt that went over the top and a ton of nails that you hammered into the chipboard according to a paper guide. Then you’d wrap the string around the nails in a specific way to create a picture. Mine was an owl…

Owl string art

Owl string art

When we got home, I decided to dig it out of the attic and was surprised at how well I’d made it! Here’s a close-up…

Owl close-up

Owl close-up

With my new-found perspective on string as art, I bought a special frame for it and I’m planning to give it to a special owl-loving family member for Christmas. I hope she likes the creative string art and the legacy that it comes from.

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