Towel restraint

02 Jul

It’s been lovely and sunny in the UK over the last few weeks, which has been a rare summer treat. So I’ve taken advantage of the good weather to sit out in the garden as much as possible (hence why there’s been less blogging here!).

Over the years, I’ve put together an essential stash of items to make my sitting out in the garden that little bit more comfortable. I recently made a new little gizmo to add to the outdoor stash, a ‘towel restraint’.

The stash already includes: a beach towel and a cushion to sit on, an extra little cushion to keep my back/neck from aching, a radio (set to BBC Radio 2, always!), and an old washing-up bowl filled with cold water (great for rinsing off my hands after applying sun cream, and I also like to pop my feet into the bowl to cool me down if it gets too hot).

Of course, I also make sure I have sun cream, a water bottle and a craft project with me. Recently, that craft project has been the border of my rainbow blanket, which is so close to being finished!

While I was sat outside the other day, comfortably crocheting away, the wind picked up and it kept blowing my towel off the back of my chair and into my face. Eventually, I got so hot and bothered that I had to do something about it – nothing interrupts my crocheting!!

So I popped inside, grabbed a spare ball of super chunky yarn and a suitably chunky hook, and I started chaining. I chained for about 1.5 metres, then slip stitched to the fourth chain from the hook to make a loop. I fastened off and then passed the starting end through the loop at the other end. I placed the whole thing over the top of my chair with the towel in place, and pulled on the starting end to tighten it up. Et voila, a handy towel restraint…

Towel restraint

Towel restraint

With this quick little make around my chair, I felt very smug every time the wind blew. And then gradually, the wind loosened it up and the towel fell on my head again! So I replaced the restraint and knotted it into place – it’s worked every time since then.

I love how us crafters can use our skills to solve little problems in our daily lives. Now all I need to do is figure out a way to crochet money… any ideas?? 🙂

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