My super man

04 Jun

With the weather turning warmer recently, I’ve remembered how much I love shorts. My other half lives in shorts during the summer so he decided to get some new shorts recently, ready for the summer. We went shopping together and he struggled to find a pair that were the right fit and the length that he likes. There was a pair he liked but they were too long, so I offered to take them up for him.

Fortunately, this went well (and actually turned out to be good practise for taking up my own trousers!), and I felt confident enough to try making a brand new pair of shorts for him, using the Superman fabric that’s still hanging around in my stash.

Superman shorts

Superman shorts

The fabric is a very light cotton and quite see-through, so after some discussion, we agreed that they’d become pyjama shorts, rather than outdoor shorts.

So I traced over an existing pair of his pyjama shorts and used these shapes as templates. There was surprisingly little sewing to do, and the hardest part was working with the pattern of fist-pumping Superman motifs and getting it to look ok in a sensitive area of his anatomy…

The waistband was also tricky – we had quite a few fittings to get the elastic to be not too loose, not too tight, but juuust right.

Anyway, now that they’re done, he’s worn them a few times, but doesn’t want to risk ruining them by wearing them too much. I think that’s a good thing… isn’t it?

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