Baby blanket

28 May

My cousin is expecting a baby in the first week of June, so I’ve been busy crocheting a baby blanket as a gift. Here it is finished…

Baby blanket is finished!

Baby blanket is finished!

It’s not particularly complicated, just some large, colourful squares of treble crochet (double crochet in the US), with contrasting double crochet edgings (single crochet in the US). The squares were joined in white with a double crochet seam, and the whole thing edged with more double crochet stitches.

Once that was done, it looked good, but I wanted to make it a bit more stimulating for baby and add a bit more character.

So I added the shapes, in bright yarn colours. The extra dimension is that I added something noisy underneath each shape!

Baby blanket top row

Baby blanket top row

On the top row, the red triangle has a crinkly plastic bag underneath it. Under the yellow circle is a little key inside a very slim, round memento holder (intended for scrapbooking) – it makes a satisfying rattle when you shake it!

Baby blanket bottom row

Baby blanket bottom row

On the bottom row, there’s a little bag full of seed beads underneath the green square, which sounds a bit like a maraca. At the centre of the cream flower, I attached a little bell very firmly – the jangle noise is very pretty and hopefully means my cousin will always be able to find it in the baby bag!

My hope is that they’ll be able use this when they’re out and about, either as a light cover-up (all the yarns are cotton) or a mini play mat to keep baby amused. Fingers crossed…


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