Laundry set

19 Mar

Some of my favourite makes are ones that make it that little bit more enjoyable to do household chores: a crocheted dishcloth for doing the washing up (like this one), a handmade apron for cooking, a DIY chalkboard for writing your shopping list, a knitted hairband for when you’re gardening (like this one).

Doing laundry is one of my least-favourite chores, and I’ve already made this linen basket liner to help ease that pain. I recently made another set of laundry goodies, hopefully to help make laundry day fun for everyone!

On sale this Friday, 21st March, the April issue of Sewing World magazine includes the pattern and instructions for making my laundry bag:

Laundry bag

Laundry bag

And also the pattern and instructions for making this peg bag (it’s made just like this one I made before):

New peg bag

New peg bag

The lovely fabric is Makower UK The Henley Studio Retro Bake 1215/1 and Makower UK The Henley Studio, Retro Bake Spaced 1214/B.

I’ve just had them sent back from the magazine, so now I can start using them. Hopefully, this little pair will make our clean (and dirty) clothes a bit more fun to play with!


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2 responses to “Laundry set

  1. Becca Parker

    March 25, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    These are gorgeous Becky! I love the retro-style prints! 🙂 x


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