Joining crochet motifs

12 Mar

It’s official: I’m halfway through my rainbow blanket. It’s this one:

Rainbow strip

Rainbow strip

There are 10 colours so that’s 100 squares, and I’ve made and joined 50. (I’m quite a slow crocheter, so it’s taking me a while.)

But I have sped up the joining process by using a different technique…

For the first 4 rows, I worked the cream yarn around the edge of each square, one at a time, slip stitching it to the adjoining square at the start and end of each half treble cluster.

But this was taking a long time, not least because of all the ends that needed weaving in.

So on row 5, I’ve done this:

Row 5 Joining

Row 5 Joining

I worked a row of half treble clusters all the way along the edge of Row 4, worked into each of the 10 different coloured squares for Row 5, and also slip stitching into the corners to keep things neat.

Then I worked around the side and top of the far-right square (the green one), and down the left side of the green square (in the gap between the green and yellow square), slip stitched into the corner and then worked back up the side of the yellow square.

Row 5 close-up

Row 5 close-up

I wasn’t sure whether it would work or look right, so I was well prepared to undo the whole thing. But I was pleasantly surprised that it worked so well. This technique is going to save me so much time when I join the next row.

I just need to keep going with my squares – I’ve got another 15 made, so there’s only 35 left to go… (have a look at the finished blanket here)

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