Carrot cake

24 Jan

I’m a big fan of cake. But being vegan means that if I want any, I pretty much have to make it myself. Which I don’t mind, because then I can at least try to make it a little healthier (or less unhealthy) than shop-bought cake.

For me, carrot cake is the perfect balance of cakey treat and carroty healthiness, but I’d never made it before – the thought of preparing all those carrots just seemed to time-consuming.

The stars aligned recently though, when we accidentally wound up with too many carrots in the fridge and I found a great vegan carrot cake recipe!

The recipe is from a brilliant vegan baking book that I had for Christmas, Divine Vegan Desserts by Lisa Fabry. (I’m blown away by the variety of recipes in there so look out for more cake-related posts coming soon!)

Anyway, it only took 30 minutes and one split nail to grate the carrots… and another 2 hours to prep and bake the cake. But the finished cake is a thing of beauty:

Carrot cake

Carrot cake

I changed the recipe slightly, to suit the ingredients I had in the house and reduce the amount of sugar in it. Also, I’m not a big fan of the icing that usually goes on carrot cakes so I left that off.

It tastes AMAZING. In fact, it was so good that by the time I got round to taking a picture of it, this was the only piece left!

I’m thinking of trying this same recipe with grated courgette or butternut squash. Has anyone else used these veggies in their baking? I’m sorry there’s no way to share tastes over the internet, otherwise I’d happily let you try a bit!

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