Cracking card

15 Jan

At this time of year, I find there’s a lot of post-Christmas crafting to do. One of the things I like to do is look back through the Christmas cards I’ve been given (I love how they’re all so different). (I know it might be a bit ‘last month’ to be talking about Christmas, but I’ve only just got around to doing this.)

I keep the really special cards in a box in the attic. With the other ones, I like to cut up the fronts and reuse them next Christmas as gift tags. Some might see it as being a cheap-skate, but I like to think of it as being crafty, thrifty and eco-friendly. And some of the pictures are so lovely that they can look nicer than shop-bought gift tags.

Anyway, there was one Christmas card this time that fell into a third category: great cards for crafting inspiration! I love getting handmade cards, especially ones that give me great ideas for my own cardmaking.

Cracker card

Cracker card

This cracker card looks quite innocent when you first open it up. Then you realise what happens when you open it…

Cracker card pulled… bang!


The card has a bang just like a real cracker! It’s such a simple idea, but so creative and fun.

You can buy these cracker snaps for just a few pence each. Then you just fold and decorate some plain white card, and write the greeting inside. Cut small slits in the front fold and slide in the snap. Tape the snap to the back of the card front. That’s it!

I’d love to make some of these next Christmas, to make the season go with a bang!

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