Upcycled shirt

04 Dec

We’ve all got items of clothing in our wardrobes that we can’t bear to part with, even though it’s stained, threadbear or falling to pieces. It’s funny how memories can soak into pieces of fabric.

My other half loves his checked shirts and a fair few have come and gone over the years. One of my favourites was a red and green checked shirt that he often wore when he visited the office where I worked. I keep a photo of him in my purse (from all those years ago!) and he’s wearing that very same shirt.

Anyway, he donated that shirt to my fabric stash a little while ago (it was threadbear in places), and I promised to make him something ‘cool’ with it. In my experience, crafting things for men isn’t easy, so it took a while to think of something suitable…

Shirt folder outer

Shirt folder outside

So this is it: an A4 folder covered with his shirt. It’s simple but practical and manly. You can still see a good portion of the shirt’s pattern repeat on the front and back, and lining up the buttons with the spine adds interest and means you can still see that when it’s on a shelf.

On the inside, I had to make a gap for the binder workings, and the buttons helped out here again…

Shirt folder inside

It took a bit of pulling and pinning to get the top pocket of the shirt to sit straight on the inside back cover of the folder. It’ll be handy for pens, pencils or even secret notes…

After a lot of slip stitching by hand, the folder was finished, and it got a thumbs up from Jonny. Phew!

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