Super-size crochet

13 Nov

I had the idea recently that I could create my own chunky yarn, by putting together a handful of yarns from my stash – perfect for some super-sized knitting or crochet.

I’d never done this before and to be honest, I wasn’t convinced that it would work. I’ve been pleasantly surprised though, by making this lovely little basket:



Let’s back up a bit and start from the beginning. To make my yarn, I chose 8 balls of DK yarn that I didn’t mind ruining. I put them together to form a yarn that was around 1cm wide. I chose cotton-based yarns that would hopefully make something fairly sturdy. I also decided to stick to shades of one colour – I went for blue, which is not one of my favourite colours, but the combination created a gorgeous variegated look.

Now I had my yarn, I decided to crochet with it rather than knitting with it, because I figured that would create a firmer fabric. A chunky yarn obviously needs a chunky hook, so I was really pleased to be able to use my 15mm hook for the very first time!

I started by making a circle, to see how it went. It was a bit of workout to wield such a large hook and yarn, made up of 8 very slippery little strands! But the fabric it made was just brilliant. It’s soft yet firm and holds its shape really well.

I stopped at around 25cm in diameter (partly because it was around midnight!) and pondered over whether to continue growing the circle outwards to make a round rug, or grow it upwards to make a basket.

Eventually, I decided that a basket would be more useful and practical for me, and after a few upward rounds, the basket was big enough to hold the yarn I was using! Neat 🙂

I was determined to use up as much of the yarn as possible, so I kept going upward until two of the yarns ran out. At this point, it was a little too high to hold its shape so I folded it over, which worked well. And it means the bowl is flexible so it can grow to hold as much yarn as it needs to…

Bowl filled with yarn

Bowl filled with yarn

There’s still some leftover yarn from the project, so I’m now making some jolly little circles to decorate it with.

The stash-busting potential of doing this is great and I’m really excited about what sort of yarn colour I can create next, and what to make with it. Homewares are the obvious makes, but I’m also wondering about a chunky scarf, hat or slippers… any ideas?

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