Foxes or knitting?

23 Oct

It’s been a whopping 7 weeks since my last blog post. That’s long enough to do all manner of things… learn to drive, lose a stone of weight or even gestate a fox.

As much as I like foxes, I’ve been busy doing something else…

I’ve been working on two knitting books, well, book-azines because they’re magazine-sized and sold with magazines in the shops. At 164 pages a piece, there was a lot to do in a short space of time. So the blog got put on the back burner – in fact, almost everything else got put on the back burner!

The first bookazine is called The Beginner’s Guide to Knitting, which covers all the basics of learning to knit. The second bookazine is called The Pro Guide to Knitting, which follows on from the Beginner’s Guide by covering more advanced knitting techniques, such as Fair Isle, beading and short-row shaping.

Beginner and Pro Knit BZs © Future Publishing

Beginner and Pro Knit BZs © Future Publishing

They’re both on sale 31st October 2013 in the UK, or as digital editions wherever you are in the world. Go to to find out more, or visit to download the free app, within which you can purchase these special editions.

For the Beginner’s Guide, I wrote a lot of it myself and really enjoyed the challenge of trying to think through and explain knitting techniques (that are now automatic for me) in a simple way. I also made a couple of really easy projects for it, along with some colleagues.

Knit projects

Knit projects

It was a whole other challenge to make items using just one stitch type and no shaping! I think my garter stitch bow is my favourite, because it’s so cute and simple, and it works well on my colleague Becca’s ribbed hairband. Although, maybe my bright pink flower is my favourite… It’s just a strip of stocking stitch gathered up and finished with a button. It’s unusual and looks more tricky than it really is, and it was great for decorating my colleague Lizzie’s moss stitch scarf.

So now these two bookazines are on their way to the shops, I can get back to some of the craft projects I’ve started but not finished…

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