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04 Sep

This post is going to start just like the last one, with an apology for no blog last week. Turns out my cat’s health was worse than we thought and she’s still really unwell. So I’ve been spending a lot of time nursing her and she’s spent a lot more time than usual sitting on my lap. That inevitably leads to her falling asleep, at which point I’m stuck on the sofa, unable to move!

At times, I’ve been trying to do some work on my laptop while not disturbing her, which is tricky! Other times, I’ve settled for daytime TV, which is rubbish. So over the weekend, I decided to see what I could watch on catch-up TV to kill some time while she was dreaming and twitching.

A couple of weeks ago, I confessed to my colleague at work (the lovely Becca at that I’d never watched an episode of The Great British Bake Off. Once she picked herself up off the floor, she encouraged me to watch the new series.

So I watched the first episode while the cat was snoring and loved it! The second episode followed immediately, and as soon as the cat woke up, I darted out to the kitchen to quickly make some cakes.

Being vegan, cake is a luxury that I only enjoy occasionally. So when I do, they’re usually handmade by me and full of my favourite treats. Almonds and cherries are my first loves, so my cakes tend towards the Cherry Bakewell. Here’s one of the cakes I made on Sunday:

Cherry, almond & chocolate cake

Cherry, almond & chocolate cake

The recipe is very simple – I made a basic, plain batter and then added some ground almonds, cut up glacé cherries and some naughty little pieces of dark chocolate. I spooned the batter into the silicon cake cases my folks gave me for my birthday, and sprinkled flaked almonds on top. They’re so scrummy, my tummy is rumbling just thinking about them!

I know my blog is supposed to be about crafting, but I think that can include baking as well so I’ve added a new category (thanks Bake Off). Are you ready for the money shot of the cake? Nom, nom, nom…

Take a bite

Oh-so scrummy

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