Cats not so easy

21 Aug

First of all, apologies for no blog last week. My cat has been unwell and all my time has been taken up with taking her to the vet, cleaning up after her and encouraging her to eat. She’s doing better now though 🙂

It’s something of a co-incidence that my latest crafty news is about a cat I’ve been knitting! Here she is, hopefully waving hello to you:

Fiona cat – she's waving!

Fiona cat – she’s waving!

She’s an unusual little cat but she has a good story.

She was inspired by a character called Ffion Ffon on a Welsh children’s TV programme called Dwylo’r Enfys (which translates as Rainbow Hands). My sister-in-law is Welsh and she’s teaching Welsh to her two lovely little girls (my nieces). They love this TV programme,  and their favourite character is Ffion Ffon (which translates as Fiona Phone). Here she is:

Ffion Ffon

Ffion Ffon

In Dwylo’r Enfys, the two main characters, Cawod and Heulwen, live at the end of the rainbow. In every episode, they travel to earth to have fun with a child and look for three items. They’re helped along the way by Ffion Ffon. Shown on the channel S4C, Dwylo’r Enfys has been a ground-breaking programme for its use of Welsh Makaton, a signing language that supports communication and speech development for children with disabilities. You can read more about the show here or here.

So I knitted my version as a gift for my little nieces (who are 2 and 4 years old), so they can play with her while they watch the show. She was something of a labour of love (not least because I’ve not knitted in a while, I’ve been so busy crocheting) and I’m really pleased with how she’s turned out.

Ffion Ffon close-up

Ffion Ffon close-up


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2 responses to “Cats not so easy

  1. hehema

    August 22, 2013 at 2:48 am

    awesome, I can never sew anything so cute. Good work!


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