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05 Jun

This flower scarf is one of my favourite ever makes! I’ve previously shared how to make the individual flowers (click here) but here’s how to make the scarf itself…

Flower scarf © Becky Skuse

Flower scarf © Becky Skuse

You will need:
Fabric 61x100cm – I used a jersey knit fabric for extra stretch, it was John Kaldor, Ritual (30x100cm in Fuchsia, 18x100cm in Teal, 18x100cm in Ivory) from
Hook and eye fastening
Hand-sewing needle and thread
Safety pin

Finished neckwarmer fits a neck circumference of 32cm and hangs 23cm down from the front of the neck.
Finished large flower measures approx 10cm in diameter.
Finished small flower measures approx 6cm in diameter.

Knitted fabrics like this jersey are very stretchy, so be careful not to stretch the fabric too much while you’re stitching seams.
Use a 1cm seam allowance throughout.

Start sewing here:
1 Cut three strips of fabric measuring 8x100cm for the large flowers. Cut nine strips of fabric measuring 5x50cm for the small flowers. Cut one strip of fabric measuring 12x76cm for the scarf section.

2 Take the strips of fabric that you cut for the flowers, and sew them into flowers, following the instructions here. I made one large and three small flowers in each of the three colours. But you can make flowers in your choice of sizes and colours.

Your flower is now finished!

2 Finished small flower

3 Take the strip of fabric you cut for the scarf section. Along one long edge, make a mark 23cm in from each edge (this marks the central 30cm length). Along the other edge, make a mark 13cm in from each edge and again at 23cm in from each edge.

Diagram © Becky Skuse

3 Marking the scarf section © Becky Skuse

4 Along the length with only two marks, press a 1cm hem of fabric to the wrong side and hem from one mark to the other (the central 30cm only).

5 Now fold the scarf strip in half widthways so that the marks along each edge meet. Along the side with more marks, sew together with a 1cm seam to the first set of marks (13cm in). Press the seam open and press a 1cm hem along the rest of this raw edge. Topstitch along one side of the seam and continue stitching to hem the rest of this edge, all the way back to topstitch along the other side of the seam.

Sewing diagram © Becky Skuse

5 Sewing up diagram © Becky Skuse

6 Check that the two remaining marks on the scarf strip match up, and then stitch a hook to one mark and an eye to the other mark. Note: if you want to make the neck circumference of your scarf wider, adjust the position of the hook and eye.

Hook & eye © Becky Skuse

6 Hook & eye © Becky Skuse

7 Put the scarf strip around your neck and stand in front of a mirror. Or place the strip onto a hanger and hang up. Connect up the hook and eye. Arrange the flowers on the scarf strip and pin in place, either using the photographs as a guide or making your own pleasing arrangement. Make sure some of the flowers overlap, pinning in the centre of the flower as well as at the overlap.

8 Once you’re happy with the arrangement, take the scarf strip off and turn it over to the back. Trim off the excess scarf fabric around the flowers at the outer edge, leaving an extra 1cm for hemming. Hem the remaining raw edge by hand or briefly remove the flowers at the outer edge and hem by machine. Re-attach the outer flowers, then tack or baste all the flowers in place using spare thread.

Flower scarf back © Becky Skuse

8 Flower scarf back © Becky Skuse

9 Sew the flowers in place onto the scarf strip, starting with the flowers underneath any overlaps. Try not to sew at the very edge of the flower because this might distort the shape. Instead, sew each flower in a circle smaller than the flower circumference. Most of the flowers can be stitched with a running stitch from the back, but in key places, slip stitch from the front to get the flowers in the exact position you want. At the front opening, make sure the hook and eye are covered, but only sew the flowers to one side or the other – don’t sew any flowers onto both sides. Finally, try on the scarf and fasten the hook and eye. Enjoy!

Flower scarf hook & eye undone © Becky Skuse

9 Flower scarf hook & eye undone © Becky Skuse

Flower scarf hook & eye done up © Becky Skuse

9 Flower scarf hook & eye done up © Becky Skuse

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