Crochet colour

22 May

I’ve always loved colour and playing with different shades – when I was a child, I loved my felt tip pens and the vivid colour they created on paper. I also loved tidying them back into their pouch, arranging them in a different order each time to see the different effects.

Rainbows have always been a favourite of mine – I love the way that each colour blends into the next one, from red through to pink and then back to red again. Never ending, like the cycle of life.

Recently, I think my makes had become a little too practical and been somewhat lacking in creative colour. But then I discovered the blog of Wink, A Creative Being. Her use of colour is so inspiring and beautiful, every photo I saw felt like I was being re-awakened to the amazing possibilities of colour in crafts, especially when using yarn.

During a spare hour at home, I tipped out my unashamedly large stash of DK yarn and started playing with the yarn colours. It was fascinating looking at the different tones of colour, especially green, and how they looked (and felt) when I placed them in different combinations.

By accident (or perhaps subconsciously on purpose), I ended up arranging a rainbow of yarn balls and an idea was born to create a rainbow blanket or scarf or cushion or something… (see the finished blanket here!)

I’m not sure what I’m going to make with them yet, but I’ve started making crocheted granny squares in my rainbow colour scheme. The first three, and I think I could gaze at the beautiful colours forever…

Granny square red © Becky Skuse

Granny square red © Becky Skuse

Granny square orange © Becky Skuse

Granny square orange © Becky Skuse

Granny square yellow © Becky Skuse

Granny square yellow © Becky Skuse


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