Cosy toes

08 May

No matter how warm the weather is, on an evening I always seem to get cold feet. I could be wearing three jumpers and a blanket in a toasty-warm room, and I’ll still have cold feet.

So when I saw some cosy-looking slippers recently, I thought: ‘I could crochet some slippers.’

I didn’t have much time to spare, so I decided to use some chunky yarn and a large hook. Plus, I like the look of chunky yarns and thought they’d be nice and thick and cosy.

Rummaging through my stash, I found I only had a few random balls of chunky yarn, so I decided to combine the different colours in a stripey pattern. Here are the finished slippers:

Crochet slippers © Becky Skuse

Crochet slippers © Becky Skuse

Now, these photos don’t really give you an idea of size, but let me tell you: they are huge!

I think I must have done some miscalculations somewhere along the way… although I’m glad I did because, my word, they’re warm! Yes, I look and feel like a clown, or a child wearing mummy’s slippers, but I do not care.

I’m particularly pleased with the soles, which are so thick, they don’t let any chills through. I anticipated needing a thick sole, so I doubled up the sole, crocheting two rectangles with a grey ball of yarn and two with a red yarn. The grey yarn has become the outer sole and the red yarn the inner sole, which you can see below (I turned the slipper inside out for the right-hand picture).

Crochet slipper soles © Becky Skuse

Crochet slipper soles © Becky Skuse

I like to think the hot shade of the red yarn is somehow making my foot warmer inside the slipper.

At some point, I think I’ll make them again (perhaps a bit smaller though!) and write down the pattern. Although, for me, that’s the beauty of crochet – you just start hooking and see where it takes you…

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