Spring tulips

17 Apr

Finally, spring actually feels like it’s arrived. My garden is full of colour, with daffodils, hyacinths and tulips standing proud, as if they know how beautiful they are!

I’m in such a good mood about spring, I treated myself to some tulips at lunchtime this week, from a stall in the Southgate shopping area of Bath – I think they’re called Bath Bus Station Florists. They’re always so friendly and have beautiful flowers at a reasonable price.

Anyway, there were so many different shades of tulips, it was hard to choose! Then I spotted the amazing colours of this bunch:

Tulips © Becky Skuse

Tulips © Becky Skuse

They really reminded me of those old rhubarb and custard sweets – my mouth just waters every time I look at them!

I’m fascinated by the combination of colours, and the way the pinky-red gradually gives way to the yellow (or is it the other way round?!):

Tulips close-up © Becky Skuse

Tulips close-up © Becky Skuse

I think it’s wonderful how nature can be so inspiring and now I’m on the look-out for variegated yarns that might be able to replicate this sort of look, to make a floral corsage or similar, for my spring wardrobe. If you spot any yarns like this, let me know…

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