Crafting around the house

27 Mar

Ok, so it’s been 3 weeks since my last blog post, but that’s just because I’ve been spending too much time crafting and not enough time blogging.

So this afternoon, I did a little photoshoot around the house, to show you some of the things I’ve been making…

First up, I had to share this pic of my cute little doggy doorstop (you can buy the pattern for him on my Etsy shop here), who has become very helpful in holding our kitchen door open. He’s much more cheerful than the cardboard tube we’d previously been using!

Dog doorstop in situ

Doggy doorstop standing guard at the kitchen door

I love cooking and baking, but I’m not a big fan of doing the washing up! It helps to have some cheesy 70s disco to boogie along to, but now I also have these pretty dishcloths to cheer things up a bit…

Crochet dishcloths

Crochet dishcloths

I made these for Simply Crochet magazine (find out more here), which I’m still working on and really enjoying. I also made some bunting for the magazine…

Colourful bunting

Colourful bunting

I love the colours I was given, but I wasn’t sure where I’d put it. Eventually, I decided that the kitchen would be a good place, because it needs the most brightening up. You see, our house was in a bit of a state when we moved in (8 years ago!) and we’ve gradually made improvements in each room (when we’ve had time and money). But the bedroom and kitchen have been somewhat neglected, so I decided that this was the view that needed improving:

Bunting improves the view

Bunting improves the view

(Yes, that is bare brick, but it’s not been there for 8 years, it’s from a recent rewiring!)

Anyway, it’s funny how these little handmade things have made the kitchen a nicer place to be, and made the washing up just a little bit less of a chore!


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