Brilliant bust

16 Jan

I’ve always wanted a bust. In my work roles, I’ve used various busts before – some made of wood; some plastic; some made of metal strips; some made of polystyrene with a cover; some brand new; some a bit old, dusty or mouldy; some a bit battered but beautifully vintage.

Different ones obviously have different pros and cons – the vintage ones are great for display, inspiration and using in photographs; the wood and plastic ones are so smooth that clothes go on and come off really easily; but it’s the polystyrene ones that seem the most practical because you can push pins into them.

So I decided to buy myself one of the polystyrene busts, as a Christmas present to myself:



I chose one with a light wooden trim – the stand is wooden (with a tiny bit of the metal pole on show), and the neck cap is also made of wood and is nice and tall, which I like.

I’ve yet to make anything for her to model, but it’s nice to have a friend with me while I’m crafting now…


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2 responses to “Brilliant bust

  1. Becky Skuse

    January 18, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    Hi Hannah! I was really surprised at how little I had to shell out for this bust – I had to do a bit of shopping around on the internet, but eventually I found this one, which was just over £50. I thought that was really good value. So there are bargains out there! Let me know if you get one. Becky x

  2. Hannah Ackroyd

    January 17, 2013 at 10:43 am

    Ooh I’ve been debating getting a bust for modelling. I think it might be out of my price range at the moment unfortunately!


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