Cute doggy doorstop

31 Dec

Let’s end 2012 on a high…

My most recent sewing project has been something of a creative breakthrough for me. It seems to have taken on a life of its own and become even better than I ever imagined or hoped it could be.

I was inspired by a few different things, firstly our new next-door neighbours have got a really cute little white Westie dog. I think he must be a little old because when they take him out for a walk, he doesn’t really walk, he bounces along!

About the same time as our neighbours moved in, I noticed a knitted Scottie dog ornament happily sitting in the living room of a relative’s house. I thought he was really cute and it reminded me of next door’s cute bouncy dog.

So I decided I’d really like to see if I could sew a Scottie dog in cream pincord fabric, to act as a doorstop. And here he is:

Doggy doorstop

Doggy doorstop

Figuring out how to create the legs was the trickiest part. I’d also been worried about making sure he had plenty of character, but it was surprisingly easy to make him look cute – two little beads as eyes definitely help!

On particularly cold days, our neighbours put a sweet little coat on their dog, so I decided to give my dog his own coat, using a colourful wide striped cotton that works with the subtle stripes of the cord.

He’s been incredibly popular with everyone who’s seen him, and I’m delighted that he’s in the January issue of Sewing World. Or you can now buy the pattern on Etsy here.

**Please note, my doggy doorstop is not in the January issue of Sewing World, I confused it with another doorstop! I’ll blog again as soon as I know which issue it will be in. Sorry thanks!


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4 responses to “Cute doggy doorstop

  1. Emily Spillman

    December 10, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    PLEASE HELP! I’ve managed to get hold of the pattern. However I have no instructions and I am struggling with what to do with the 2 under belly pieces and the centre piece. There doesn’t seem to be a logical way of arranging them, Please can you describe or send a picture of his undercarriage so I can see how you did it. Thank you in advance. Emily


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