Cold thumb tips

25 Nov

We’ve all been trying to get used to worsening weather recently – first there was frost, then we saw snow and now the floods! So I’ve been doing what I can to be craft-prepared for bad weather.

One of the things I hate most is having cold hands, so I love gloves – almost as much as I love coats. I now have two big winter coats and one lighter autumn/spring coat, and after having a few annoying and chilly experiences of changing coats but forgetting to take my gloves out of the pockets, I decided it would be a good idea to have a pair of gloves in the pockets of every coat.

I had planned to knit them for myself, and then I stumbled across some discounted pairs for a price I couldn’t resist. And they were in my favourite style – fingerless mittens with a flip-top cover for the fingers. So I bought two pairs and took them home.

On the first outing for one of the pairs recently, I realised that the thumb was also a fingerless style, which was a bit disappointing and my thumb tip got very cold! Yes, yes, I can hear you thinking “didums”. Well, rather than moan, I decided to use my knitting skills to add on a thumb tip to my gloves.

Here was my first attempt on the blue pair:

Glove tips blue

This pair was easy because I had some yarn that was almost the exact same colour, so it works brilliantly. If you compare the thumb tips, you can see that on the left thumb tip, I picked up the cast-off stitches around the edge, and then knitted up the tip from there. But then, for the right thumb tip, I decided to unpick the cast-off edge of the thumb, then join in the new yarn, before knitting in the round until the top was long enough. I think the second thumb tip (on the right) looks better, and it’s much more comfortable to wear.

So I used the same technique for the second, grey pair:

Glove tips

Although as you can see, I struggled to find a yarn colour in my stash that matched the existing colour:

Glove tips grey

I didn’t think I’d like the look of the lighter grey yarn at the tip, but I tried it anyway and I actually quite like the contrast. I’m sure you can see that the new yarn is much heavier than the yarn originally used for the gloves, which, again, I thought would be a problem – I had to do some swift decreasing to make the join smooth, but in the end, they’ve turned out to be really nice to wear. On other gloves, I find the thumb wears through really quickly, but this thick thumb tip is really strong and so cosy that I’ve never had a cold thumb tip since!!

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