Velvet hat

19 Oct

Some people adore great scenery, others love intricate musical compositions, while some people are at home eating gastronomic food.

But crafters like me love texture and are inspired by the feel of raw materials like yarn or fabric. We’re the kind of people who can’t just look at fabrics or yarns – we simply must touch them to know whether we like them!

This love of texture means I’ve knitted with all sorts of yarns, including eyelash yarn (it made a lovely scarf), boucle yarns (for a lovely poncho and also my kangaroo), fleecy yarns (to make teddy bears for my nieces) and other novelty yarns (including Rico’s Pompon yarn).

When it comes to fabric, my love of texture is just as strong – I’m a big fan of fluffy, furry and fleecy fabrics! Out of all of them, velvet has to be the most luxurious textured fabric that I can’t help but love, even if it’s a bit tricky to work with.

Velvet was one of those ‘love it but hate it’ fabrics for me, but now I feel like I’ve conquered velvet, thanks to my recent hat project for the November issue of Sewing World, which is out today!

Here’s the hat, which also includes a pretty flower corsage:

Velvet hat for Sewing World

It wasn’t easy to make, but I’m so proud with the results and the velvet was so soft to the touch that if I found myself getting a bit frustrated or stressed with the project, all I had to do was stroke the brim and it would calm me down!

I love the purple shade, which has a beautiful jewel-like tone. I also love the flower corsage, which was really easy to make and is slightly oversized so that it dominates the look. I think it looks best worn on the side…

Velvet hat

…but the flower is backed with a brooch pin so that it can be moved around and worn wherever suits the mood – or even removed altogether and used as a strokeable stress-reliever instead…

You can now even buy the pattern on Etsy here.


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