Granny’s embroidery

12 Oct

You might have read this post from me about my granny and how she’s inspired my crafting. Her crafting abilities have amazed me yet again recently.

Not only is she a great knitter and some-time crocheter. I recently discovered she’s a great embroiderer as well.

In January this year, we started meeting for a coffee every Tuesday morning and gradually, our one-on-one time together has given me the chance to really get to know her and discover sides to her that I’d never known before.

We talk about all sorts of things: family, history, the war, the news, the price of coffee! Oh and crafts.

During one of our recent coffee dates, I happened to mention to her about the new magazine project I’m working on, which is all about embroidery. I remember my mum being passionate about embroidery when I was a child, and her teaching me to embroider – although I remember particularly struggling to get my long stitches to look right!

So anyway, I wondered whether my mum got her embroidery passion from her mum, so I asked my granny whether she also did embroidery. Her eyes lit up as she told me an emphatic “oh yes!”

She told me how she learnt to embroider at school and that she still had some of the projects she’d done when she was a child (in the 1930s). She said that knitting and embroidery were her favourite crafts, and she used to regularly send away for embroidery kits. She was so enthusiastic about it all that I asked to see some of her work.

So on following the Saturday, when all the family tend to visit, she got out a few pieces for me to look at. We were all amazed at what fine embroidery skills she had when she was just 7 or 8 years old, when she made this:

Granny’s embroidery © Becky Skuse

And her love for embroidery continued into adulthood, when she made pieces like this:

Granny’s embroidery 2 © Becky Skuse

I think she had a particular soft spot for circles! She said she keeps her first childhood piece safely tucked away (hence the strong fold lines!), but the above piece is used as a mat for a bowl in her bedroom, which I think is a lovely idea.

Then, as if she’d read my mind about circles, she produced this sweet little rectangular item:

Granny’s embroidery 3 © Becky Skuse

It was lovely listening to her tell me about how much she likes embroidery, and how she seems to ‘drift away’ while she’s doing it. Although she looked a little sad when she said it was a shame they don’t teach those skills at school anymore.

I’m glad I could capture and appreciate these projects of hers, and hopefully our chats will have reignited her passion for embroidery and she’ll enjoy doing some more and drifting away again…

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