Simply Crochet: winter

03 Oct

If you read this post about the summer edition of Simply Crochet, you might be interested to know that we’ve now done a winter edition as well!

The summer edition was hugely popular and I loved working on it, so I was really pleased to be asked to work on the winter issue. And by the way, if you’re still after a copy of the first, summer issue, you can now buy a copy on Zinio – just click here.

Anyway, I think the winter edition is even better! And it’s on sale now:

Simply Crochet winter edition

There are so many projects that I want to make, which is either a reflection of how good the magazine is or how much more confident I am with my crochet skills now – or both!

I love the cute projects, like the little penguin, the panda hat and the Christmas tree decorations – but I also love the grown-up patterns, like the party bolero on the cover, the green mittens and the sparkly table runner. When you’ve got lovely projects like these to look at every day, work doesn’t feel like work!

Then there’s the one project that I know very well – because I made it! In collaboration with the wonderful Cara Medus, we created this fab crochet Christmas crown for kids (and adults!):

Crochet crown from Simply Crochet (winter)

The crown uses simple treble stitches, with a double crochet edging in metallic gold yarn – bling! You can find the pattern for the crown on my Ravelry shop here or my Etsy shop here

I think you know you’ve mastered a craft when it becomes automatic and you can work the stitches without really thinking too much about them. I finally experienced this feeling while crocheting this crown, so it’s time to admit it… world, I am hooked on crochet! Phew, that feels better…


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