Flowering crafts

25 Aug

Flowers have been on my mind a lot recently. Not only have they been flourishing in my garden (especially my pink phlox), but I’ve also been doing some flower-related crafting.

I’ve always thought that flowers look beautiful in cross stitch, and my first cross stitch project was actually a basket of flowers for my mum.

So I’ve really enjoyed putting together a series of flower features for Cross Stitch Collection. My first was Summer Flowers, which is in issue 213, out now. Here’s a taste of it:

Summer flowers feature for Cross Stitch Collection 213

Look out for the forthcoming Autumn, Winter and Spring flowers in cross stitch features, in future issues of Cross Stitch Collection.

I’ve also been sewing my own flowers, using velvet and other fabrics for Sewing World‘s winter issues. Like this flower:

Velvet rose

I love the jewel-toned purple shade and the way the velvet shimmers in different lights.

I made this one to decorate my latest hat design for Sewing World (see this post for more details), but you could use fabric flowers to decorate coats, bags and much more. They’re so quick and easy to make, you could have one for every outfit!

What flowers have you crafted?

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