Gift anxiety

02 Jul

At this time of year, my thoughts start to turn to Christmas. I know, I know, it’s still months away but when you’re a crafter you have to start planning and making gifts as soon as possible. And when you work on craft magazines, you start thinking about Christmas items even earlier!

Whenever I make something as a gift for someone, the emotions involved are quite complicated – I’m relieved that I’ve finished it in time, I’m a little bit sad that the project is over, I’m excited and nervous about what they will say when they see it and how they will use it, I’m curious about whether they will like it and hope they’ll be impressed by my crafting skills (!), and I also worry about trusting them not to damage or break it!

I’ve come to expect and deal with most of those emotions now, but I still worry about my creations being damaged or ruined by poor after-care, especially when I make things for babies or men!

But now I have a plan to help my loved ones look after their handcrafted gifts… hopefully!

I recently wrote some tips for The Knitter on the best way to wash handknits and protect them from all sorts of bugs and other creepy crawlies…

Washing tips from The Knitter 44; Beat the bugs from The Knitter 46

So now my plan is to print out these tips and include them with my hand-knitted gifts, with info about the specific washing instructions for the yarn I used. Hopefully that will help to stop the gift anxiety!

Let me know what you go through when you hand-make gifts – am I the only one who worries about this sort of thing??!

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One response to “Gift anxiety

  1. Jenny May Forsyth

    July 2, 2012 at 9:37 am

    I worry about my offerings getting lost in the post to Canada. Good idea about the washing instructions – I’ll pack pdfs in my next parcel!


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