Crochet – it’s simple

13 Jun

Drum roll, fanfare, and sharp intake of breath…

I’m proud to unveil the project that kept me so busy in April and May – Simply Crochet summer special magazine:

Simply Crochet summer special magazine

Above is the cover, and the cover of the extra little booklet that comes free with the magazine – the booklet contains all the step by step images and instructions to explain how to crochet, if you’re a beginner. The instructions in here were vital for helping me to learn – I had thought that crochet would be difficult but I was amazed at how easy crochet is, although it did help me to have a brilliant crocheter like Cara Medus on-hand while I was learning.

I’m really excited about Simply Crochet – there are some brilliant patterns and features, with contributions from so many generous and enthusiastic crocheters. It’s on sale on Thursday for £4.99 (find out more here) and I think it’s well worth it for all the patterns and ideas for a fab summer of crochet! Let me share some of what you can find inside…

Simply Crochet news section

Above is the first three pages of the news section, which I love! It’s packed full of ideas for crochet patterns, books, kits, workshops and more. It’s like the delicious starter that makes you look forward to the main course!

Simply Crochet embellishing feature

Above is another of my favourite features, all about crochet embellishments. Crochet is becoming more and more trendy, and it’s easy to spot this summer in all the crochet trims around. From fashion to homewares, crochet embellishing is fun, simple and a great way to give any plain item a new lease of life! This feature is full of ideas for doing it yourself, then there’s a pattern for making a lacy collar by Debbie Bliss.

Finally, this is my absolute favourite part of the magazine:

Simply Crochet granny squares feature

I love granny squares – they’re so simple yet versatile! So we dedicated a whole 15 pages to granny squares, including ideas for motifs, yarns and designs, as well as a great pattern for a gorgeous granny square scarf. The section starts with this above, 30 ideas for granny squares – although, I could have made it 50 or even more ideas because the potential for creativity with granny squares is almost infinite! I’d like to think that there are crocheters out there who will be inspired by this feature and one day invent new ways to use granny squares.

I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks of the magazine and your favourite part of it…


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4 responses to “Crochet – it’s simple

  1. Astromermaid

    June 14, 2012 at 7:35 am

    LOVE IT!


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