Special occasions

07 Jun

I love special occasions, especially when those events happen on a national scale like the diamond jubilee celebrations or charity appeals like children in need. 

And this weekend, it felt like the whole country was joining together to take part in a historic event. Of course, I enjoyed the festivities from the comfort of my own home, but the feeling of togetherness was no less strong. 

That’s what I like about special occasions: people put aside their other differences to enjoy something special together. 

There are so many events and occasions throughout the year – in just the past couple of week, I’ve been busy with birthdays, engagements and anniversaries. 

If I’ve got time, I always love hand making greeting cards. They’re so much more personal than shop-bought ones.

I first got into making my own cards when I worked on Scrapbook Inspirations magazine. I worked on it for the first six months of it’s life, helping out on the launch and beyond. I also helped out on Papercraft Inspirations for a while after that. I loved how the simplest ideas can create brilliant cards that look way more complicated than they really are. 

Recently, I helped out on Papercraft Inspirations again, putting together a bookazine of simple card designs, which has been great for giving me ideas for cards that I can’t wait to try out.

Quick & Easy Card Ideas bookazine

Quick & Easy Card Ideas is out now and includes 167 card designs for all sorts of occasions, as well as some pretty papers. Happy cardmaking!

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