Beautiful yarn

12 Mar

Knitters (and crocheters!) are a diverse bunch with different tastes and styles, but there’s one thing that all knitters seem to have in common: we love yarn!

My own love affair with yarn has taken me from smooth, cool cottons and bamboo yarns to cosy wools and mohair fibres, and even novelty numbers with sparkle or fluff or eyelashes. I’ve used yarns of different colour and texture, and the experience of choosing yarns or visiting a yarn shop is still the same – I’m like a kid in a candy store!

I’ve tried not to, but I’ve had my favourite yarns over the years – that occasional memorable project where a beautiful yarn has come together with a fantastic pattern and led to a wonderful knitting experience! For every knitting project I’ve worked on, I’ve still got little odds and ends of yarn, in my ‘spares’ bag – lengths of beautiful yarn, as short as 20cm (or shorter!), that could be useful for something, one day!

I got to thinking recently about all those little snippets stashed away, unloved and unused in this bag. I decided I wanted to do something to put these snippets on display somehow, so I can admire the variety of these yarns more regularly. About the same time, I’d also been trying to think of something to fill a pretty jar I’d bought on a whim for a pound at Ikea. Hey presto – the two ideas came together in a flash!

So this weekend, I found time to tip out all the odds and ends onto the table and carefully sort through the pile.

Yarn off-cuts

I took out the really long pieces of yarn and put them back in the bag, then gradually popped the prettiest little offcuts of yarn into the jar until it was full. And here it is!

Yarn jar open and shut

If I had a larger stash of offcuts, I would’ve made the jar colour-themed, probably with my favourite red, pink and purple yarns. Until then, I still like this one – it’s a cheap and easy way to create a pretty home decoration that’s also a tribute to the beauty of yarn!

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