Jumping into life

20 Feb

I’ve always been fascinated with Australia, with its unusual wildlife, variety of landscapes and unique aboriginal culture. I remember working on a primary school project all about the country and becoming particularly fascinated by koalas and kangaroos, especially the adorable way that they carry their young. When I got older, I loved Australia even more for its sunshine, beaches and coral reef, and developed an obsession with Neighbours!

Anyway, as a child, I loved how koalas carried their little ones on their backs, because I also loved piggy backs! I’m not sure who gave it to me but I remember being given a little koala toy with peg-like arms that clasped onto anything and everything, usually my cardigans.

Kangaroos, on the other hand, carry their joeys in pouches, which also sounded like a great idea to me when I was feeling shy as a child and wanted to retreat into my mum’s pouch. But I never saw any kangaroo toys as a child, which meant I never had one.

I guess that desire must have lingered somewhere in my head, because the idea for a knitted kangaroo jumped out at me recently. I’d gone to buy a birthday card and noticed a cute little cushion with a pouch containing a little teddy bear. The pouch caught my eye and the idea for a knitted kangaroo and baby sparked into life.

Here’s the finished, knitted pair:

Knitted kangaroos

The pair are quite straightforward to make, using Sirdar’s Persia yarn, which is very splitty so rather fiddly to knit with, but the fluffy finish to the fabric is perfect for the kangaroo and it will hide any mistakes!

The pattern will be going into Simply Knitting in the next few months (I’ll add details when I know). This is my first toy design and I think I’ve done ok. They’re not 100% anatomically correct but they do have the aww-factor, largely thanks to that unique little pouch!

You can now buy the knitting pattern in my Ravelry store here or my Etsy shop here


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