Playing dress up

07 Feb

I used to love playing dress-up as a child – putting on my old bridesmaids’ dresses, layering up some fancy jewellery, and clomping about in my mum’s enormous (size-5!) shoes.

Like any child, I had my favourite dress-up items.

One belonged to my gran – it was a chunky gold-effect chain with a clasp at one end that she used to wear as a belt. Its flexibility fascinated me and she’d always let me play with it and wear it whenever we visited. I often wore it as a long necklace rather than a belt, but it was always very cold, so I would warm it up in my hands before putting it round my neck.

My other favourite was a brown suede, super-80s-style, fringed bag that my mum had. Remember that it was the 80s at the time and it was still very much in-fashion, so I felt like such a grown up whenever I wore it. I used to imagine myself as an über-glamorous model strutting down the runway to the clicks and flashes of the paparazzi – or as a cowgirl showing off my superior lasso skills in front of all the dumb-founded cowboys. I would play with it so often that eventually my mum just let me keep it in my room.

I’m not sure what’s happened to either of my favourite dress-up accessories… my gran never wears the gold chain any more and I think the bag eventually ended up in the attic, with so much other childhood ‘stuff’, never to be seen again.

This bag became my inspiration recently when I undertook a commission for Sewing World magazine. Like so many 80s fashions, fringing is back in style again, so I jumped at the chance to create a modern, funky fringed bag, just like the one I used to play with.

Here are a few sneak preview piccies…

Fringed bag for Sewing World

The bag is due to appear in Sewing World later in the year (I’ll blog again when I know the date).
I’m hoping people will like it and make it for themselves, and maybe just a few will make it for their little girls to play dress up with…

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3 responses to “Playing dress up

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  2. caramedus

    March 1, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    The bag looks very professional Becky, lining and all! This brought back memories for me, as we were fortunate enough to have an amazing dressing up box when we were children. Many of the costumes were made by my Nan, who was a skilled dressmaker. I remember us putting on plays in the garden in the summer, and me bossing everyone around and getting cross when they ‘didn’t do it right’! Some things don’t change…


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